Hardie Trim Boards

The Benefits Of Hardie Trim Panels

The exterior trim on the house describes the product that borders the doors, home windows, soffits, and fascia board. The best decoration can make a remarkable difference in your house’s power performance and visual allure. HardieTrim boards are a great example of top-quality trim. Here’s why.

SEVERE LONGEVITY – The traditional choice for outside trim is oriented strand board (OSB) and wood composites. However, trim constructed from wood tends to split, expand, and also distort because of extended exposure to aspects such as dampness and heat. Considering that the principal function of trim is to protect the interior structure, it requires it to be resilient and weather-resistant. HardieTrim boards are made with fiber concrete and, consequently, can withstand extreme temperatures in addition to the influence of hailstones and debris.

SUPERIOR APPEAL – HardieTrim boards can complement any building house style as well as be available in a variety of various gorgeous structures. For example, if you wish to simulate the all-natural elegance of timber, you can choose the Rustic choice. The Smooth option is the best selection if your exterior siding includes modern components.

EXCELLENT LONGEVITY – Like other James Hardie items, HardieTrim boards feature the ColorPlus Technology, a factory-applied color system that utilizes much more layers of paint than the average outside article. This makes HardieTrim boards resistant to peeling off, cracking, and breaking, permitting them to continue to be vibrant for many years while calling for marginal maintenance. HardieTrim boards will never need to be painted or redecorated to look all new.

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Picking the best thickness for your HardieTrim

When property owners prepare to change the exterior siding on their houses, it’s straightforward to ignore the relevance of trim. We talked to one of our siding specialists and asked him what house owners should recognize when picking ornaments. Below’s what he needed to say:

” There are different thicknesses of trim; many firms make use of a border that’s less expensive and not as thick as what we order for our jobs. Other firms use a 4/4 board which they put over the exterior siding, yet water can find its way right into the mounting around doors and windows with this sort of installment.

We utilize a 5/4 board, a thicker trim, and also trim very first around the doors and windows; after that, mount the home siding so that it bumps up to the frame rather than the home window. This produces a cleaner appearance and is less likely to make leakages around the home window.

Most individuals do not expect trim to be one of the most pricey parts of the work, so it’s worth doing right– that’s why we choose the 5/4 board over the 4/4 board for trim.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hardie board trim requirement to be repainted?
Hardie Slab is additionally called fiber concrete siding. While it’s far much heavier than lightweight aluminum, vinyl, or wood, it is exceptionally sturdy and typically needs a new paint every ten to twenty years for upkeep. It is just one of the most effective products and long-term options for protecting your home.

Do you caulk Hardie trim?
Wherever Hardie home siding satisfies a trim board, the firm recommends you leave a 1/8″ gap between the exterior siding and the trim and use a 3/8″ bead of authorized caulking to safeguard as well as secure the edge of the home siding.

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